About Us

Alibay is an online tool, which everyone can you use to make sure you get the best products for fair prices. But that's only a small part what AliBay is all about.

We want to do way more for our “customers”. We have developed a membership program, where you can grow and earn a lot of personal extra's.

Besides that we want to focus on Greece and “helping everyone out”, therefore we are closely working together with Charity Cases who have Greece in their best interest.

Making the online market in Greece more customer friendly, by special offers and fast delivery times and a real friendly customer support team of Greek people only.

Read the other sections to gain more knowledge about us, “so far we want to thank you for reading all this and sticking with us”. We can't wait to help you out with our “amazing” products and service!

Alibay.gr and Alibay.eu as Alibay Apks are products that are managed by Electron PCC  (Electron Private Capital Company)
Sales are made ONLY online. No pickup from store is supported.